President’s Message

by Fiona Reid

Hello all, spring is finally here! What a welcome sight it is too. What a joy to see the subtle shades of green unfurling leaves taking over from endless grays of winter. It will be interesting to watch the forest slowly recover from the ice storm. Some trees won’t make it, but the extra light will bring on fast growth from others.

Migrant birds are now here and it is a wonderful time to get out and see them. City parks are especially rich in birds looking to refuel as they pass through an expanse of concrete. I saw this for myself yesterday in Centennial Park, when I had an hour to kill on Toronto and tallied 10 species of warbler in full spring regalia! Ray’s trip to Whitby next weekend will hit some birding hotspots and see many more species of songbird and water birds.

I hope you can all get out and enjoy the good weather – we deserve it!

Best wishes, Fiona

Trilliums at Backus Woods
Trilliums at Backus Woods

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