HNPNC Winter 2021 – 22 Birding Challenge


The Winter Challenge is back for 2021-22

Week 4 tally on observations, we have 102 species sighted.
You can download the PDF list here Winter Challenge Week 4
or view the spreadsheet here.

For last year’s Winter Birding Challenge we set a target of 100 species, and thanks to Club members, we managed to beat that with an amazing total of 125 species.
So this year’s challenge is to see if we can beat 125 species!
It’s easy to participate, members just create a checklist of the species seen during each outing, along with the location anywhere in Southern Ontario. Then simply email your list to me, Ian Jarvie, at
If you use eBird, it’s even easier, just email me the eBird checklist link.
Unfortunately, since we are still in the grip of the pandemic, it is crucial that Club Members take extra precautions and follow all Federal, Provincial and Municipal public health directives and regulations.
And please remember that Club Member safety is our primary concern.
As in the past, the total list of species will be posted on the Club website every week or so, and please note that only the first sighting of any particular species will be listed, along with its location, the name of the birder and the date.
The challenge starts on 21 December, and runs until 21 March next year, so let’s get out and see if HNPN Club members can beat the previous number of species.
Good luck and safe birding, both for yourself and the birds!
Watch here for the progress list.

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