The Covid-19 pandemic, and subsequent lockdowns and self isolating, has left many of us feeling some nature deficit.
It would be nice to find some indoor activities that help keep us in touch with nature, wildlife and conservation issues.
Here’s just a few of the many podcasts that you could be enjoying right now.
Talkin’ Birds: a weekly broadcast with segments on birds in the news, Mystery Bird and conservation stories.
Speak Up For The Ocean Blue: Discussions on ocean conservation issues.
American Birding Podcast: birding news, conservation, weekly rare bird sightings including all states and provinces.
Songbirding: walking through various Canadian habitats, identifying bird calls and songs. Great podcast if you are trying to improve your birding by ear!For the Birds-conservation issues, the science of birds, birds in the news
 – Canada’s Calling: Travel Stories, nothing to do with wildlife but a great Canadian podcast highlighting a different province/territory per episode.
Sapsuckers & Chorus Frogs: For people with high frequency hearing loss.
Spring Peepers & Autumn Pipers: You didn’t think this was all about birds, did you?
Pacific Chorus Frogs: The nature photography podcast.
Sounds From the Wild: frogs, elk and snowmelt.

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