HNPNC installs bird boxes at Scotsdale Farm

Left to right: Jeff Cassidy, Emily Dobson, Bill McIlveen, Ramona Dobson, Ian Jarvie, Fiona Reid, Sandy Gillians, Kim Dobson.

Several members of the Halton/North Peel Naturalist Club met this morning to install bird boxes around the hay meadows and old fields of Scotsdale Farm in Halton Hills.  The fields are home to Eastern Bluebirds, several species of swallows, and threatened grassland birds such as Bobolink and Eastern Meadowlark.

Several more boxes were installed on the grounds of St. Alban’s church along the Credit River in Glen Williams last week.

HNPNC raised funds for the bird boxes  through donations from attendees of a reptile workshop held January 12th this year. Many thanks to HNPNC member Emily Dobson (who is also Ontario SwiftWatch Coordinator for Halton) for moving this project forward, and to Kim Dobson for  building the boxes and supervising the installations.

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