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Tis’ the season for Salamanders

In spite of fluctuating temperatures, salamanders are on the move! Club members had to watch their step when they visited a vernal pond at Silver Creek Conservation Area last weekend. Salamanders were active and thick on the ground, ignoring low temperatures to conduct their annual nocturnal "spring thing". Jefferson Salamanders (a threatened species) and Spotted Salamanders were numerous on the forest floor, and a single red-backed salamander was observed out for a nocturnal stroll; a bizarre leucistic (partially pigmented) spotted … Continue Reading ››

Red-backed Salamander

by Don Scallen, Vice-President
Red-Backed Salamander
Red-Backed Salamander
They weigh about as much as a paper clip. Dew worms dwarf them. They are, by weight, the smallest vertebrates in Ontario. But what they lack in size they more than make up in numbers. Red-backed salamanders are abundant, outnumbering all of the reptiles, rodents and birds that share their forest habitat. Densities of red-backed salamanders have been estimated as 500 to 9000 … Continue Reading ››