The Chimney Swifts have arrived. Checkout the SWIFTWATCH monitoring program. (flyer)

Belwood Lake OspreyCamRaccoon invasion: Early in the morning on June 24, a raccoon climbed up the pole and invaded the nest. The adult female attempted to defend the chicks, but unfortunately was not successful. The chicks didn’t survive. Ospreys and their young face many dangers, including harsh weather, predators, food shortage, disease, pollution and the challenges of learning to fly. Over the last month, many viewers have enjoyed watching the osprey in their natural environment. While it is sad that these osprey chicks will not fledge this year, it reminds us that the lives of osprey are not easy.

The Halton/North Peel Naturalist Club welcomes new members of all ages and experience levels who are interested in nature and conservation. Whether you’re an experienced naturalist or a beginner who loves nature, we invite you to join us.

Next meeting:

Tuesday, September 13, 2016  7:30 p.m.

Invasive Plants
Colin Cassin is “Project Liaison” for the Ontario Invasive Plant Council. Colin will highlight some of the invasive plants currently threatening ecosystems in Ontario and will offer guidance on options to stop or mitigate their advance.


Upcoming outings:


Monarch Blitz

On Sunday August 14th at 1pm, the Halton/North Peel Naturalist Club will participate in the first annual Canada-wide “Monarch Blitz.”
Our “Blitz” will take place at Forks of the Credit Provincial Park in Caledon. This will involve an inventory of monarch butterflies and their eggs and caterpillars. Find out more at http://mission-monarch.org/mission-monarch-blitz/
Why do this?
To contribute to the documentation of breeding populations of monarch butterflies across Canada and to contribute to the conservation of this iconic species at-risk.
Why Forks of the Credit Provincial Park?
This park contains meadows filled with an abundance of milkweed, the Monarch’s larval food plant.
It is also the site of recent club efforts to encourage the preservation of meadow habitat.
Hope to see you there! For more information, contact
Don Scallen at dscallen@cogeco.ca

Caledon Lake Mothing

On Friday August 26 at 8pm there will be a mothing event at Finlayson Field Centre adjacent to Caledon Lake. This event, organized by Credit Valley Conservation and the Halton/North Peel Naturalist Club, will seek to inventory as many species of moths as possible over the course of the evening.
Worry not if you don’t know moths – there will be a number of moth aficionados to help you (and me!) learn their names.
So this is a great opportunity to learn – and have fun!
Finlayson Field Centre is easy to find. Simply drive north to the end of Mississauga Road and you’re there. Enter through the gate on the east side of the road. For more information, contact Don Scallen at dscallen@cogeco.ca

Stay tuned. More outings will be coming, including Monday night walks..
Monday,  Aug 08 – Swift Night Out: in Oakville
Leader: Emily Dobson

Monday, Aug 15 – Nassagaweya Townline Ponds Bats:
Leader: Fiona Reid

Monday, Aug 22 – Shanahan Tract: Campbellville
Leader: Dawn Renfrew

Monday, Aug 29 – Rattray Marsh: Clarkson
Leader: Kirsten Burling

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