Saturday, June 10, 2017

First Annual Halton/North Peel Naturalist Club Big Bird Day
Club members are invited to explore any of their favourite birding locations in Halton Region or north Peel Region (Brampton and Caledon) from midnight on Friday to midnight on Saturday.
The objective will be to find as many species of birds in one day as possible. Time spent in the field and locations, within the parameters described above, is entirely your call. Any club members are welcome to participate. You can form your own teams, ask to be placed on a team, or simply do some solo birding. Please know that you don’t have be an expert birder to take part. This is a learning opportunity for all involved. And the overriding objective is simply to have fun.
Questions can be directed to Don at dscallen@cogeco.ca

Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Flight of the Cecropia Moth
June is prime month for the mating of the exquisite silk moths that inhabit our area. Chances are Don Scallen will have at least one voluptuous female moth on hand this evening. After sunset she’ll release come-hither pheromones that will send any nearby males (male moths to be clear!) over the moon.
This event will begin at 8:30 p.m. at Don’s house at 62 Windsor Road in Georgetown. Dress for the weather and BYOB. Various tasty munchies will be offered to the human guests, but not to the moths as they haven’t any functioning mouthparts. Heavy rain will cancel this event, otherwise it will be a go.
Email Don at dscallen@cogeco.ca if uncertain.

Monday Night Walks Summer 2017

Halton/North Peel Naturalist and South Peel Naturalist Clubs
All walks are on Mondays and start at the meeting location at 7:00pm sharp.
For more information, call Bill McIlveen (519) 853-3948

Jun 5 – Acton Swift Watch
Meet at Acton Prospect Park, leader: Emily Cassidy
Jun 12 – Scotsdale Bird Box
Meet at Scotsdale Farm, leader: Bill McIlveen
Jun 19 – Riverview Park Streetsville
Meet at PineCliff Park, leader: Bill McIlveen
Jun 26 – Forks-of-Credit Park
Meet at Forks-of-Credit Park, leader: Don Scallen
Jul 3 – Credit River Streetsville
Meet at River Grove Community Centre, leader: Bill McIlveen
Jul 10 – Hardy & Crozier Tracts
Meet at Hwy 401 at Hwy 25, leader: Ray Blower
Jul 17 – Marco Muzzo Memorial Park
Meet at Marco Muzzo Park, leader: Bill McIlveen
Jul 24 – Conely Tract
Meet at Campbellville Parking, leader: Bill McIlveen
Jul 31 – Hungry Hollow Georgetown
Meet at Hungry Hollow, leader: Bill McIlveen
Aug 7 – Swift Night Out
Meet at Oakville, leader: Emily Cassidy
Aug 14 – Speyside Area
Meet at Hwy 401 at Hwy 25, leader: Fiona Reid
Aug 21 – Rattray
Meet at Green Glade School, leader: Kirsten Burling

Past Monday night walks:
May 15 – Shanahan Tract
leader: Dawn Renfrew
May 22 – Sixteen Mile Creek Valley
leader: Bill McIlveen
May 29 – Scotch Block
leader: Fiona Reid

Meeting location details:

Campbellville – Commuter parking lot southwest corner Hwy 401 and Guelph Line
Upper Middle Trail – Parking area off Old Upper Middle Rd and
McCraney St West, east bank of Sixteen Mile Creek
Hwy 401 at Hwy 25 – Commuter parking lot at SE intersection of Hwy 401 and Hwy 25, Milton
Acton Prospect Park – Prospect Park at Knox and Park Ave., then check for Chimney Swifts in town
Scotsdale Farm – parking lot at Scotsdale Farm, east of Trafalgar Rd, north of Sideroad 27, Silver Creek
PineCliff Park – Parking lot near Creditview Road and Credit River
Forks-of-Credit – Parking lot off McLaren Drive, south of Charleston Sideroad. Entrance Fee in effect
River Grove Community Centre – North side parking lot at River Grove Centre, Streetsville
Marco Muzzo Park – Parking lot north of intersection Perennial Dr. at Flagstone Dr., Mississauga
Hungry Hollow – East end of Foxtail Ct, east of 8th Line, Georgetown
Oakville – Old closed high school east of Reynolds St. between Sheddon Ave and former Oakville Trafalgar Hospital
Green Glade School – Green Glade off Meadow Wood Road, Clarkson

Toronto Ornithological Club outings
Winter/Spring 2017

Don’t miss out on the fun!

We have one or more outings every month throughout the year, guided by the most experienced naturalists in our club. The outings will be fairly casual affairs, meaning… you won’t have a lot of advance notice. We’ll announce the details at each meeting, often along the lines of “hey I’m going out to do/see this next weekend, anyone want to come?”

We’ll follow-up with a club email, and post the details here, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

If you can’t make a club meeting, make sure you  sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop.

Note: For liability reasons, you must be a fully paid member of the Halton/North Peel Naturalist Club to participate in our field outings. Please join!

Past Field Trips

  • May 28 – Heronry in Speyside
  • May 21 – Spring Birding at Thickson Woods, Lynde Shores Conservation Area and Cranberry Marsh
  • April 15 – Beamer Conservation Area Hawkwatch, Grimsby
  • March 18 – Tundra Swans at Long Point.
  • March 5 – Owls at Claireville Conservation Area
  • January 29, 2017 – Animal Tracking at Terra Cotta Conservation
  • January 21, 2017 – Ontario Lakefront Waterfowl
  • 2017
  • December 29 – Christmas Bird Count
  • November 13 – Brook Trout hike
  • November 12 – Late flowering plant survey
  • October 8 – Scotsdale Farm birdbox check
  • October 2 – Scotch Block Reservoir Fall Birds
  • August 16 – Caledon Lake Mothing
  • August 14 – Monarch Blitz
  • July 29 – Mothing at Speyside
  • July 23 – Check your watershed day 2016
  • June 25 – P.O.W.E.R. event: Mapping dog-strangling vine at Forks of the Credit Provincial Park
  • June 19 – Willow Park Ecology Centre event: breeding bird survey in Hungry Hollow
  • June 18 – Forks of the Credit Provincial Park grassland bird monitoring
  • June 14 – Birdbox Monitoring at Scotsdale Farm
  • June 4 – Forks of the Credit Provincial Park grassland bird monitoring
  • May 30 – Hewick Meadows
  • May 23 – Scotch Block Warblers
  • May 22 – Spring Birding at Thickson Woods, Lynde Shores Conservation Area and Cranberry Marsh
  • May 16 – Acton Swift Watch
  • May 15 – Spring Bioblitz and Potluck
  • May 9 – Sherwood Forest Park Wildflowers
  • May 8 – Spring Wildflowers and early Warblers
  • April 23 – Beamer Conservation Area Hawkwatch, Grimsby
  • March 12 – Tundra Swans at Long Point:
  • January 16 – Winter birds and waterfowl, Burlington area
  • 2016
  • December 28 – Christmas Bird Count
  • June 21 -Forks of the Credit Provincial Park
  • May 23 – Scotch Block Reservoir and the Reed’s Heronry
  • May 18 – Acton waterfowl and Swift Night Out
  • May 17 – Spring Birding at Thickson Wood, Lynde Shores Conservation Area and Cranberry Marsh
  • April 25 – Woodcocks, Frogs, Screech Owls at Terra Cotta
  • April 17 – Salamanders and Owls at Silver Creek
  • April 6 – Bird Houses at Scotsdale Farm (Phase Two)
  • March 29 – Inspect and install bird Houses at Scotsdale Farm
  • March 14 – Tundra Swans at Long Point
  • February 28 – Tracks, signs and winter birds at the RBG
  • February 16 – Big Tree Measuring – take two with Don Scallen
  • January 25 – Big trees of Halton Hills with Don Scallen
  • January 18 – Snow Buntings with David Lamble
  • 2015
  • December 27 – Christmas Bird Count
  • November 29 – Birding & Trumpeter Swans at LaSalle Park
  • November 16 – Hike to view Brook Trout
  • November 15 – Late Flowering Plants Survey Hike
  • August 14 – Swift Night Out
  • August 9 – Tall grass prairie/oak savannah habitat at Ojibway Prairie & Spring Garden Prairie
  • June, July, August – Monday Evening Walks
  • June 10 – Nature walk through Scotsdale Farm
  • May 18 – Spring Birding at Thickson Wood, Lynde Shores Conservation Area and Cranberry Marsh
  • April 12 – Beamer Conservation Area Hawkwatch, Grimsby
  • March 15 – Tundra Swans at Long Point
  • January 26 – Snow Bunting Banding
  • January 18 – Waterfowl & winter birds at La Salle Park
  • January 12 – Reptile Workshop
  • 2014
  • December 27 – Halton Hills Christmas Bird Count
  • November 16 – Birding at Colonel Samuel Smith Park
  • November 10 – Late Flowering Plants Survey
  • June 11 – Evening walk on Great Esker Trail
  • June 8 – Survey of Clearwing Moths and potluck dinner
  • 2013

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