Saturday Adventure Walks 2022 – 2023

Details will be available closer to event date

Jan 21, 2023(new date)
10:00 a.m.

Animal Tracks in the Snow
Leader: Don Scallen

Join Don Scallen to seek tracks and the stories they tell.
Terra Cotta with its mix of wetland, woodland and escarpment rock is a good place to do this. If the weather cooperates – that is if there is snow – we should find a variety of tracks.
Be prepared to venture off trail to follow some of these to glean some information about what the animals were up to. The duration of this adventure walk will likely run two or three hours, unless we find ourselves trailing Yeti or Bigfoot – think of the accolades that would come our way if we can finally prove their existence!
A snack that you can share with me might be a good idea. In actuality of course, you will be able to make good your getaway at any time, if you can remember where you parked your car.
If no snow, we’ll still meet, though I suspect it will be a smaller crowd. The focus then will shift to a general nature walk – trees, birds and so on. If you plan to attend please let Don know at dscallen@cogeco.ca

Feb 18, 2023

Snowy Owls and Other Winter Birds
Leader: Ian Jarvie

Mar 18, 2023

Early Migrant Birds
Leader: Yves Scholten

Early April 2023

Salamander Walk
Leader: Don Scallen

Apr 15, 2023

Winter Ducks on Lake Ontario
Leader:  T B A

May (TBA), 2023

Leader: Yves Scholten

May 13, 2023

Migrating Songbirds
Leader: Ian Jarvie

Jun 17, 2023

Bat Night
Leader: Fiona Reid

Jun (TBA) 2023

Scotsdale Bird Boxes
Leader: Bill McIlveen

Monday Evening Walks

Watch here for 2023 Summer Evening Walks.
In partnership with the South Peel Naturalist Club, SPNC


Outdoor Event Questions?

Contact Don Scallen at dscallen@cogeco.ca

Note: For liability reasons, you must be a fully paid member of the Halton North Peel Naturalist Club, and you must have our registration form completed,  to participate in our field outings. Please join!


Don’t miss out on the fun!

We have one or more outings every month throughout the year, guided by the most experienced naturalists in our club. The outings will be fairly casual affairs, meaning… you won’t have a lot of advance notice. We’ll announce the details at each meeting, often along the lines of “hey I’m going out to do/see this next weekend, anyone want to come?”

We’ll follow-up with a club email, and post the details here, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

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Past Field Trips


  • Dec 17 – Owl Prowl
  • Nov 15 – Pelagic Birds Outing
  • Oct 15 – Seedy Saturday Native Plant seed exchange and sharing
  • Sep 11 – Birding trip to Guelph correctional ponds
  • May 15 – Spring Birding and Warbler Watching
  • May 14 – Brampton Festival of Birds – “Big Sit”
  • May 12 – Wildflowers and Wildlife in Speyside
  • March – Salamander watch.
  • Jan 23 – Animal tracks in the snow
  • Jan 12 – Winter Birds of the North
  • 2022

  • Mar 21 – Winter Tree Identification and Nature Walk
  • Mar 14 – Tundra Swans at Long Point
  • Feb 16 – Snowy Owls
  • 2020
  • Dec 27 – Christmas Bird Count
  • Nov 17 – Late Flowering Plants Survey
  • Nov 2 – Woody vegetation removal FCPP
  • Oct 1 – Nest Box Cleaning at Forks of the Credit
    Provincial Park
  • Sep 29 – Nest Box Cleaning at Scotsdale Farm
  • Sep 27 – Duck Identification and Bird Walk at Scotch Block.
  • Sep 14 – Mothing and Caterpillars
  • Jun 11 – Birdbox Monitoring at Scotsdale Farm
  • May 25 – A Pollinator and Biodiversity Workshop
  • May 19 – Spring Birding at Thickson Wood, Lynde Shores Conservation Area and Cranberry Marsh
  • May 4 – Community Nature Walk and Clean Up
  • April 22 – Timberdoodles Scotsdale Farm
  • April 13 – Beamer Conservation AreaHawkwatch, Grimsby
  • March 16 – Tundra Swans at Long Point
  • March 3 – Animal Tracking at Terra Cotta Conservation
  • February 23 – Animal Tracking at Terra Cotta Conservation
  • January 13 – Winter Trees and Birds in the Hand
  • January 6 – Snowy Owls, Snow Buntings and Other Winter Songbirds
  • 2019
  • December 27 – Christmas Bird Count
  • November 11 – Survey of late blooming plants.
  • October 28 – Bird Box Cleaning at Scotsdale Farm
  • October 21 – Norway Maple removal at Silver Creek
    Conservation Area
  • October 14 – Bird Box Cleaning at Forks of the Credit
    Provincial Park
  • September 30 – Bird Box Cleaning at Scotsdale Farm
  • September 15 – Group Litter Pick Up in Georgetown
  • September 8 -Mothing at Fiona Reid’s Niagara Escarpment property
  • July 21 – Dragonflies with David D’Entremont
  • July 21 – Mothapaooza in Speyside
  • June 23/24 – Outing to Carden Alvar
  • June 16 – Moths, caterpillars, frogs and other creatures of the night
  • May 20 – Spring Birding at Thickson Wood, Lynde Shores Conservation Area and Cranberry Marsh
  • May 12 – World Migratory Bird Day
  • May 5 – Woodland wildflowers and early-arriving birds
  • April 22 – Bird Box Installation at Forks of the Credit Provincial Park
  • April 21 – Beamer Conservation Area Hawkwatch
  • April 20 – Woodcocks at Forks of the Credit Provincial Park
  • April 13 – Salamanders at Silver Creek Education Centre
  • March 17 – Tundra Swans at Long Point
  • February 17 – Owls at Claireville Conservation Area
  • January 28 – Winter Bird Outing for Snowy Owls
  • 2018

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