Volunteers needed for a “Bird Blitz”

male-bobolinkAre you a birder? Are you good at identifying grassland birds by ear?

Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) needs your help on a one-day breeding bird survey or ‘blitz’ of meadow habitat in CVC’s middle and upper watersheds. During the blitz volunteers will gather information on the location, abundance and nature of the habitat that these birds require for breeding.

CVC is looking for people who might want to participate in this one-day event. The Bird Blitz will take place in June, with a 2 hour training session ahead of time. Volunteers will conduct surveys – in teams – from roadsides via a ‘point-count’ method.

If you’re interested in participating in the Bird Blitz, please complete the CVC’s online questionnaire.  This questionnaire will help them set up the best dates for training and staging the event.

If you have any questions, please call Annabel Krupp at CVC, 905.670-1615 x 446

About the Grassland Bird Recovery Program

Local populations of grassland birds are finding it increasingly difficult to locate suitable habitat for breeding, nesting and resting. Species like the Eastern Meadowlark and Bobolink are declining and are now considered provincially at-risk, according to ecologists at Credit Valley Conservation (CVC). In an effort to better understand the issues affecting these species and take action to begin addressing their decline, CVC has instituted a pilot 3 year Grassland Bird Recovery Program.  The program has received funding from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources’ Species at Risk Habitat Stewardship Fund.

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