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A SolstICE to Remember

by W.D. McIlveen
There is little doubt that the winter solstice of 2013 will be one to remember for a long time to come. The situation was certainly not unprecedented for some freezing rain occurs in most winters. And the amount of rain that fell was less than that that which happened in the great ice storm of 1998 in Ontario. Yet the extent of area that was impacted and the number of people affected in 2013 might well be much … Continue Reading ››

Death of a tree

Two weeks ago one of my favourite trees was felled by a bulldozer. This tree, on Creditview Rd. in Brampton, was graced with the lovely arching form that only mature elms exhibit. Before Dutch elm disease ravaged the land this beauty was common. The few remaining mature elms are rare treasures. The lure of this elm was so powerful that I would include Creditview Road on my route to work simply to … Continue Reading ››