Hello SwiftWatch Volunteers

The chimney swifts have arrived back in Halton, and with that marks the start of the 2016 SwiftWatch season. This year, the National Roost Monitoring Blitz is on May 21, May 25, May 29, June 2 and 6. If you’re available on one or or more of these days, your observations are important to the protection of this species at risk. Additionally, if you see swifts or identify chimneys being used please let me know for future monitoring efforts.

If you are interested in volunteering and have a roost that you would like to monitor, please email me with your location. If you’d like to be assigned a roost, let me know where you’re able to monitor (Acton, Georgetown, Milton, Campbellville, Oakville, Burlington) and I’ll find one convenient for you.

swifts_chimneyThe 2016 protocols and data collection forms are available here.

Presence absence worksheet

SwiftWatch Data Form

Ontario SwiftWatch Protocal

Generally, try to be outside at least 30 minutes before sunset (up to an hour if it’s a cool or rainy night) to start recording swifts entering the chimney. Once it’s dark out and visibility is reduced, chances are all of the swifts are in for the night.

We will be hosting two Swift Night Out events this summer. Invite friends, families and community members, and bring your lawn chair, camera and binoculars:

Acton, May 15: Meet at User’s Self Storage, 59 Willow St N at 8PM

Oakville, August 8: Meet at the old 291 Reynolds Street at the old Oakville Trafalgar High School, located in the parking lot to the southeast of the hospital at 8PM

We hope to see you out this summer! 2016 SwiftWatch Flyer

Emily Dobson
Halton SwiftWatch Coordinator

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