Support turtle research in Ontario

Did you know that snapping turles can live 100 years? Researchers with the Algonquin Turtle Project recently tracked Cujo, who was tagged in 1976 and has grown only 1cm in the intervening 38 years.

The Algonquin Wildlife Research Station has posted this and other interesting updates on their work at Algonquin Park. And while you’re there, please consider supporting their fundraising effort to keep the research station open.

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  • Toronto Zoo Turtle Tally: Submit sightings
  • Report Suspicious Activity to MNR: 1-877-847-7667

One thought on “Support turtle research in Ontario”

  1. When my kids were teenagers we spent many weekends plus most summer holidays camping and cottaging in the Sudbury and Algoma districts. On a canoeing trip through a chain of lakes out of Grundy Lake Provincial Park south of Sudbury, my son and I accidentally canoed into a large floating object completely covered with green algal strands at least two inches long. As we hit it, the object turned downwards and dove out of sight into the depths of the sizable Canadian Shield lake, nearly upsetting our sturdy marine canoe. It was huge – about the equivalent across of two garbage can lids. In checking in with a professional naturalist friend working for TRCA, we determined the snapper may have been eighty years old.

    Notably, the lake was far from roads, the only human artifact nearby being a raised rail line that could be canoed under.

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