Results of the 2012 Christmas Bird Count

The 22nd annual Christmas Bird Count took place on December 27, 2012. The fresh fall of snow overnight hindered or even prevented the participation of some count volunteers. Overall, there were 18 participants that took part in the field observations.

Generally, the Count produced close to average results based on comparisons with previous counts. The total number of species reported was 51 and the total number of birds was 10,082. The long-term averages for those are 49.9 and 9760 respectively. The results for the individual species are presented in the attached table. A new species for the Count was Cackling Goose seen in Count Week at Fairy Lake in Acton (See report in this issue of the newsletter). Also not previously reported was a Scaup sp. but this may not be entirely new as Lesser Scaup was recorded in 2011. New high counts were reported for Cooper’s Hawk (6), Merlin (2), Hairy Woodpecker (29), Bohemian Waxwing (180) , Dark-eyed Junco (693), and Northern Cardinal (101). Higher than average numbers of Canada Goose (3755), Mallard (682), Cedar Waxwing (159), American Tree Sparrow (591), and American Goldfinch (269) were recorded. Seventeen species had lower than average numbers and this offset the higher numbers mentioned above.

Thanks to the following participants: Ray Blower, Mark Cranford, Betty Ann Goldstein, Megan Kenzie, Lou Marsh, Meryl Marsh, Irene McIlveen, W.D. McIlveen, Fiona Reid, Dawn Renfrew, Teresa Rigg, Don Scallen, Dan Shuurman, Rick Stroud, David Sukhiani, Janice Sukhiani, Patrick Tuck, and Dave Williams.

Many thanks once more to Larry May for arranging access to the Maple Lodge Farms property and to the Halton Regional Police Service for use of the community boardroom for the wrap-up session.

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