Fabulous Fall Fungi 2017

Now in its 8th year, Fabulous Fall Fungi is a series of multi-day mushroom workshops offered to members of the public each fall at Queen’s University Biological Station. These workshops introduce participants to the impressive diversity of mushrooms and other fungi growing in Southern Ontario. Typically, 150 – 200 species are identified in each session, including ones not seen in previous years. In all, nearly 500 species have been recorded since the workshops began back in 2009 (there was no workshop in 2010).

The workshops are very hands-on, with daily field trips (within ~30 minutes of the biological station) to collect fresh specimens, followed by working in the classroom, both individually and as a group, to identify our finds. This is complemented by mini-lectures and informal discussions about fungal ecology, natural history and uses. Evenings vary. If there are specimens still to be identified, we go back into the classroom. If not, the instructor gives a PowerPoint presentation. But no matter what, we always find time one of the evenings to watch bioluminescent mushrooms glow in the dark.

Workshop participants will be provided with reading material and a checklist, and will have use of a class set of field guides, 10x loupes, plus an extensive collection of reference books. There will also be a microscope or two on hand, allowing us to look at some basic microscopic structures.

Fabulous Fall Fungi workshops are suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced, and provide an ideal opportunity to become better acquainted with the mysterious kingdom of fungi.

In order to provide the best learning experience possible, each session is limited to 12 participants.

All sessions are based at Queen’s University Biological Station (QUBS), located near Chaffey’s Lock, about 50 km north of Kingston as the crow flies. Driving time from downtown Kingston is a little

under an hour. Further details about the Biological Station can be found at https://qubs.ca.
The instructor will send detailed directions, maps, GPS coordinates, and a class list (should you wish to try and arrange carpooling) to all registrants approximately one month prior to each session.

Richard Aaron (B.A., M.B.A.) has been studying mushrooms and other fungi since 1994 and loves sharing his knowledge with others. He has conducted walks, workshops and lectures on a variety of nature subjects, including fungi, for over 80 organizations in Canada and the U.S. He has also worked as a summer staff naturalist at

Algonquin Provincial Park and been published in several leading nature periodicals. Knowledgeable, witty, and passionate, he is the perfect guide to introduce you to the fungal kingdom. His website is at http://natureknowledge.weebly.com

NEW FOR 2017
  • all participants receive a Fabulous Fall Fungi T-shirt
  • new 4-day format
  • the first post-Thanksgiving session (an opportunity to see late-season species)
  • a people’s choice prize for “best find” in each workshop (in addition to the instructor’s choice prize)

More Details: https://qubs.ca

Session 1:  Sept 25 (5:00 pm) to Fri, Sept 29 (3 pm)

Session 2:  Oct 2 (5:30 pm) to Oct 6 (4 pm)

Session 3:  Oct 10 (5:30 pm) to Fri, Oct 13 (4 pm)

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