Fabulous Fall Fungi 2016

Now in its 7th year, Fabulous Fall Fungi has grown steadily, from a single workshop each year to offering four sessions this year. These workshops introduce participants to the impressive diversity of mushrooms and other fungi growing in Southern Ontario. Typically, 130-160 species are identified in each 3-day workshop, including species not seen in previous years. It is possible that 200 (or more) species will be seen in this year’s first-ever 5-day workshop. In all, nearly 400 species have been recorded since the workshops began back in 2009 (there was no workshop in 2010).
Suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced,
Activities include daily field trips to collect specimens, working in the classroom to identify our finds, and discussions on fungal ecology, natural history, and uses.
There will also be one or more evening presentations, plus the opportunity to see a bioluminescent mushroom in action. If we find any edibles, our cook is always amenable to cooking up samples for us to try. Participants will have access to a class set of field guides, 10x loupes, and an extensive collection of reference books.
The all-inclusive registration fee includes all accommodation, meals, instruction, printed materials and use of a classroom/lab. Small class size (max 12 students per session). Register early to avoid the waiting list that forms each year.
Location: Queen’s University Biological Station.

Details: http://www.queensu.ca/qubs/

Session 1:  Tues, Sept 13 (5:30 pm) to Fri, Sept 16 (4 pm)

Session 1a:  Tues, Sept 20 (5:30 pm) to Fri, Sept 23 (4 pm)

Session 2:  Tues, Sept 25 (5:30 pm) to Fri, Sept 30 (4 pm)

Session 3:  Tues, Oct 4 (5:30 pm) to Fri, Oct 7 (4 pm)

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