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Support turtle research in Ontario

Did you know that snapping turles can live 100 years? Researchers with the Algonquin Turtle Project recently tracked Cujo, who was tagged in 1976 and has grown only 1cm in the intervening 38 years. The Algonquin Wildlife Research Station has posted this and other interesting updates on their work at Algonquin Park. And while you're there, please consider supporting their fundraising effort to keep the research station open. Bookmark the links in this video:

Protecting roadside turtle nests

The weather is warm, overcast, and humid - conditions that female snapping turtles in our region apparently consider ideal to unload their burden of eggs on the gravel shoulders of rural roads. Yesterday afternoon HNPNC President Fiona Reid spotted several egg-laying turtles during one short drive:
On my way home from dropping my son at school yesterday I found three snapping turtles laying eggs along the side of the road. One was at a fast and quite busy intersection. … Continue Reading ››

Tough, tenacious turtles

Spring time is a time of new life and new beginnings: trilliums bloom, maple buds burst and red fox kits playfully tussle. At this time adult turtles are also thinking of new life, as they search out mates, breed and lay eggs. Turtles are fascinating creatures: there is fossil evidence that turtles have been around for 200 million years, which means they existed alongside dinosaurs. And turtles survived whatever catastrophic event(s) that led to the extinction of 90% of plant … Continue Reading ››