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Report on Evening Walks for 2014 – South Peel Naturalists And Halton North Peel Naturalists

By W. D. McIlveeen During the summer of 2014 (May 26 to August 25), a total of 14 evening walks were organized for various areas of Halton and Peel Regions. The site locations are listed in the following table along with the names of the leaders and the numbers of participants on each walk. An attempt was made to alternate sites in the south and the north part of the area. Overall, there were five different leaders (Ray Blower, Kirsten Burling, … Continue Reading ››

Late spring birds by Anne McDermaid

Protecting roadside turtle nests

The weather is warm, overcast, and humid - conditions that female snapping turtles in our region apparently consider ideal to unload their burden of eggs on the gravel shoulders of rural roads. Yesterday afternoon HNPNC President Fiona Reid spotted several egg-laying turtles during one short drive:
On my way home from dropping my son at school yesterday I found three snapping turtles laying eggs along the side of the road. One was at a fast and quite busy intersection. … Continue Reading ››

Real Estate Bird Boom

HNPNC members took the final meeting of the 2013-2014 season outdoors on Tuesday evening (June 10th) with a walk through Scotsdale Farm. While we were there we checked several of the nest boxes that we installed on May 19th. To our delight we found that 50% of the nest boxes were occupied even though we put them up a bit late for the nesting season. Most of the occupants were Tree Swallows but one box appeared to have been claimed first … Continue Reading ››

May moth sightings by Fiona Reid

HNPNC installs bird boxes at Scotsdale Farm

Left to right: Jeff Cassidy, Emily Dobson, Bill McIlveen, Ramona Dobson, Ian Jarvie, Fiona Reid, Sandy Gillians, Kim Dobson.
Several members of the Halton/North Peel Naturalist Club met this morning to install bird boxes around the hay meadows and old fields of Scotsdale Farm in Halton Hills.  The fields are home to Eastern Bluebirds, several species of swallows, and threatened grassland birds such as Bobolink and Eastern … Continue Reading ››

President’s Message

by Fiona Reid
Hello all, spring is finally here! What a welcome sight it is too. What a joy to see the subtle shades of green unfurling leaves taking over from endless grays of winter. It will be interesting to watch the forest slowly recover from the ice storm. Some trees won’t make it, but the extra light will bring on fast growth from others. Migrant birds are now here and it is a wonderful time to get out and see them. … Continue Reading ››

The Adaptation and Decline of Chimney Swifts

by Emily Dobson
The chimney swift is a pretty remarkable species of bird when you consider its rapid adaptation over the last century. Historically, these birds inhabited old growth forests, using cavity trees or snags (standing dead trees) with large hollows for roosting and nesting. However, the European settlement and logging practises occurring into the 1900s saw the destruction of forests across North America, and with it, the loss of vital habitat for many animals including chimney swifts. Continue Reading ››

Credit Valley Conservation Volunteers Honoured at Ontario Awards

Credit Valley Conservation award winners celebrate with a smile. (From left) CVC CAO Deborah Martin-Downs, Mississauga Volunteer Pat Kelly, MPP Dipika Damerla, Acton volunteer Bill McIlveen and CVC Volunteer Program Coordinator Annabel Krupp.
More than six million Ontarians contribute to their communities through volunteerism each year. In recognition of this, the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration held a Volunteer Service Awards ceremony on April 29. The event celebrated … Continue Reading ››