Wood Frogs

by Don Scallen
Wood Frog female laying eggs
Wood Frog female laying eggs
Behold the wood frog, an evolutionary masterwork. A soft bodied amphibian that survives the fury of Canadian winters as far north as Old Crow in the Yukon. In that cruelest of seasons, wood frogs lie quiescent in beds of leaves, biding time until snowmelt softens their stiff bodies. They protect their delicate cellular machinery by shunting water out … Continue Reading ››

Wildflowers in the woods

It's a wonderful time to get out into the woods around Halton Hills. The spring ephemerals are in full bloom and putting on a beautiful show after a long, hard winter.

Citizen scientists needed for Halton SwiftWatch Program

Chimney swifts are beginning to arrive in Ontario for the breeding season after a long journey back from the Amazon basin. These iconic birds have declined by an alarming 30% in the past 14 years, and the Halton/North Peel Naturalist Club is seeking dedicated volunteers to join us in the Bird Studies Canada SwiftWatch Program. Our goals for the 2014 season are to continue monitoring known roosts, to find new roosts, and to raise awareness about … Continue Reading ››

Tis’ the season for Salamanders

In spite of fluctuating temperatures, salamanders are on the move! Club members had to watch their step when they visited a vernal pond at Silver Creek Conservation Area last weekend. Salamanders were active and thick on the ground, ignoring low temperatures to conduct their annual nocturnal "spring thing". Jefferson Salamanders (a threatened species) and Spotted Salamanders were numerous on the forest floor, and a single red-backed salamander was observed out for a nocturnal stroll; a bizarre leucistic (partially pigmented) spotted … Continue Reading ››

President’s Message

Hello members new and old (and young!) It seems like this winter will never end, but spring will surely start to unfurl as the month marches on. In the meantime,  please spend a few minutes looking at some wonderful images by our club member and HNPNC secretary, Anne McDermaid, on this website. Not only will you see a gallery of her inspiring landscapes, but also some beautiful shots of waterfowl in winter. Thanks Anne! We encourage other members to share their … Continue Reading ››

Return of the Phosphorus : Algae Issue

by W.D. McIlveen On February 27, 2014, the International Joint Commission [I.J.C., 2014] released a report on the most recent algae bloom problem in Lake Erie. That report had much in common with a similar problem that existed in the Great Lakes about 50 years before. That problem was the association between phosphorus loading in the water column and the subsequent growth of algae, most conspicuously Cladophora glomerata, though blue green bacteria and other species constitute additional problems. Continue Reading ››

Bumble Boosters Nest Box Project

Bumble Booster's nest box prototype
Bumble Booster's nest box prototype
The Bumblebee nest boxes have arrived! Two members of HNPNC are participating in a citizen science project led by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, researching how to build "better bumble bee domiciles". The boxes will be placed outdoors at the end of winter, before hibernating queens emerge and start looking for nest sites. We're excited to get started, although at this point … Continue Reading ››

Volunteers needed for a “Bird Blitz”

male-bobolinkAre you a birder? Are you good at identifying grassland birds by ear? Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) needs your help on a one-day breeding bird survey or ‘blitz’ of meadow habitat in CVC’s middle and upper watersheds. During the blitz volunteers will gather information on the location, abundance and nature of the habitat that these birds require for breeding. CVC is looking for people who might want to participate in this one-day event. … Continue Reading ››

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